Nadiya shah weekly horoscope january 15

Your Weekly Horoscope for January 15 - 21, The astrological influences for the week.
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Not liking the idea that we were told after Nadiay got feeling better she would be back with the monthly. I see all this stuff going on which tells me , we are not going to get back what we know. Such a pity the older format has been abandoned but guys Kelly Rosano is fantastic, Lada Duncheva and of course Michelle Knight all do better formats than Nadyias new one.

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I don't understand all this negative comments. She's been doing weeklys and monthlys for free for years. I assume that if you've been following her is because her videos bring value to your life. She's "here" because of us, yes, but I'm "here" because of her too, to some extent. She gave alot of herself and I can only thank her for that. You go girl, make your money. People on this thread think the stars and planets are feeding you. You've taken eminence time with your craft.

These people have no idea the time it takes to create readings. You can not have a job and make this career also. I promise you if I pull out my cards they would tell me that not one of them pay for personal readings. I'm sure I'll get a thread of people saying they do but they don't. This Vanessa Morgan woman is the worst of the culprits. Many blessings and good luck with your wealth.

Nadiya, best wishes for your continued success. You are a hard worker and committed to your viewers. I have enjoyed your astro Youtube videos for a long time now. I have been subscribed Youtube. I cannot do the websites viewings of what WAS on Youtube for financial reasons. They were good support in the rocky times I've had. By having high number of subscribers.

If u don't like what she present. Unfortunately I can't afford to pay for weekly horoscopes for my sign.. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me over the last few years. I hope you continue to be successful. Keep spreading your love. I'm sorry I can't continue this journey with you. Sorry Nadia but I am not paying for this besides this is you tube, which means there are tons of astrologers out there who are very good as well. Good luck with your new step. I am so Happy for you! I am a member of your new website.

You have been so generous and I look foward to your evolution and mine too Love ya I'll always be greatful for nadiyah because her readings have helped me get through some very dark times in my life when I thought I wouldn't live to see tommorow for that I will always be greatful. Her vibe has been off for a few months. Everytime I check her readings, I feel bad afterwards.

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Runescopes is great if you want an overall forecast. She's to the point. I always look forward to her monthly readings. Plus she's consistent. Sarah Vrba is great too as she is quite in-depth and provides great spiritual advice. She's like my friend in my head.

I used to like Angel Souls a lot when Saturn was in Scorpio, but there's something quite off about her vibe these days. I don't know what it is. I don't vibe with her no more. Lada Duncheva is meh to me. It's either a hit or miss. Amira Celon is slightly bogus in my opinion.

Her readings are far-fetched and don't resonate. Tyler's Tarot , no thanks. He's so negative, I don't want that energy around me. Eat Read Love is more into quantity than quality. He also blocked comments, so we don't know if it resonates for other people. I don't see the point if he's unwilling to freely communicate with viewers.

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He won't know if he's even accurate. He's only doing it to generate more personal reading requests in my opinion. No thanks. Nadiya Shah - She used to be great, but there was a time where she decided to stop free monthly forecasts in order to set them up for purchase instead. I lost interest at that point. High Vibrations is one I have an on and off interest in. It depends on my mood, but I haven't clicked. Thanks x 4. Are you a Taurus? Nope, Scorpio. They keep saying a fire sign will come back. It's been one year and the fire sign is still where he's at Tyler's Tarot is very accurate for me this month.

Thanks x 4 Disagree! Jan 7, I unsubscribed to Kay Pisces. She never resonated with me so what's the point. Jan 8, Does anyone listen to Angelic Ascensions Tarot?

I'm thinking of having a past life regression the issue is that i'm terrified of someone messing around my unconscious mind. Jan 13, The readings were more all over the place.

enter I'm so happy right now ya'll don't even know. Thanks x 5. I never got the hype with Kay Pisces.

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A lot of these Youtubers do love readings and I just don't care about that. I'm Cancer staying wth an acqaintence Virgo while I'm out of town. This is my second day and I'm leaving tommorow. I'm low key glad I'm leaving. She' been good to me-showing me around and allowing me to stay with her. She can be okay to be around for small amounts of time, but i find it hard to like her company any longer than that.

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She always knows best, treats me like I'm incapable of doing things or as if I dont know things like I'm a child, and is offended if I have a differing opinion or you don't do what she wants. She alao has shown emotional instability. Maybe I shouldn't be friends with her after all. Jan 15, I just came across MysticMia Tarot and I couldn't believe how accurate she was for me. Her advice is too basic though.